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Veteran MC Consequence announced that he’s about to release a new album, and he also took the time to share his thoughts on what he felt was missing from the new Netflix documentary on Ye f.k.a. Kanye West.

The Queens, N.Y. rapper shared that he’s set to drop a new album entitled Nice Doing Business With You, that will boast an “all-star line-up” with regards to the LP’s features and production via a conversation with AllHipHop.

And to that end, he stated that the first single, “Bloodstain”, will feature production from West. During the conversation, he spoke about the jeen-yuhs documentary released earlier this year through Netflix and produced by Coodie & Chike and what he felt was missing from it.

“There’s always gonna be a narrative arc, where there’s a start, a beginning, a climax to build a story because television works on that, from that aspect,” he said, building on the same perspective he had at the film’s screening a while back. “But I think there were certain turning points that I would have loved to see just a tad bit of. Obviously, when you see episode 1, you see also when Kanye’s playing “All Falls Down” for Chaka Pilgrim and it seems as though there’s no real feedback. You can’t go from that to all the sudden, ‘Tada, I’m on MTV now.’ That’s a process, and a big part of that was the mixtapes that we began to do.”

Cons elaborated further about those early mixtapes he teamed up with West on, comparing them to Bitcoin and emphasizing the New York flavor in demand at the time.

“The value that it gave you if you was hungry would exponentially increase any record deal you were gonna get anyway. When he’s playing ‘All Falls Down,’ he’s already at the label as a platinum producer, he did ‘H to the Izzo.’ What you gotta understand, especially in New York, it’s the top and the bottom. So yeah, you could have the swag straight, but if your bars ain’t straight, n—as ain’t respecting you.”, he said.

Touching upon the new album, Consequence feels like working in “all kinds of album construction” makes this a more cohesive project and one his fans will definitely enjoy. “I’m looking forward to people being able to ride out for the spring and the summer,” he said of the upcoming LP.

Check out the interview in full below.

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