As COVID-19 continues to re-surge the world is taking action to ensure safety. One institution is saying they have created PPE that is built for multiple uses.

While the world is seeing that Coronavirus needs to still be taken seriously one athlete ignored all precaution. Now a tennis pro is feeling the backlash for being so messy.

While things are starting to look even bleaker by the day there are some positives that are coming out of this health crisis. The Big Apple is letting their citizens go on the run drinking.

While the majority of her fans think she is superwoman Cardi B is still the regular shmegular girl from The Bronx. She has officially given her thoughts on the pandemic and as expected she is keeping the same hood energy.

While we do not knock people for making lemonade out of lemons some individuals aren’t mentally savvy. In the wake of the virus scare some folks are getting thrifty.

Fool’s Gold and Corona’s Electric Beach, featuring Just Blaze, Athletixx (Hoodboi, Falcons, Promnite, Kitten), Nick Catchdubs and TJ Mizell (A$AP Ferg’s tour DJ and son of Jam Master Jay) touches down Aug. 1 at NYC waterfront La Marina. We’re offering two lucky followers and his or her guest a chance to gain access to this […]

While authorities continue their search for ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, more about his motivation for shooting cops, and killing a couple has been revealed. According to his manifesto, the shooting spree was brought on by racism, and other injustices he witnessed while on the force.

Police in Southern California announced Wednesday (Feb.6) that they are looking for a former LAPD officer implicated in the double murder of a newly engaged couple on Super Bowl Sunday. Christopher Jordan Dorner was upset over being fired and sought revenge against victims, Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence.