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During her interview with Billboard magazine, the country icon spoke out in support of Black Lives Matter, calling on her fans to show support for equality before noting the importance of everyone's voices being heard and represented.

Lil Nas X is finally being embraced for his country music talents.

Hate him or love him, 2019 is Lil Nas X’s year. He has landed one of the most coveted covers in popular culture.

Almost 30 years into their career the Wu-Tang Clan continue to conquer more land. The crew recently made history once again.

The hate continues to grow towards for Lil Nas X. His new cowboy flavored capsule collection is getting heavy backlash because he is not white.

It looks like Lil Nas X’s 15 minutes of fame will be extended even further. His song has inspired a drop that will have country hipsters living their best life.

Dave East might want to hop on a horse and head west, this after the Mass Appeal rapper had some words for everyone’s favorite (only?) country-trap hit, “Old Town Road” from Lil Nas X. In a video that’s making the Internet rounds, East says the song is pure butt cheeks and Black Twitter is saying […]

Lil Nas X found himself the center of controversy regarding his viral hit song “Old Town Road” after Billboard removed it from the Country charts. The chatter around the song and a well-timed remix have catapulted the track to becoming the top song in the nation.

Lil Nas X made headlines after his so-called “Country-Trap” single “Old Town Road” was struck from Billboard’s Country charts. To put a little sauce on the young man’s record, Billy Ray Cyrus hopped on the remix and the results seem to be favorable.

Lil Nas X’s rise to fame has already come with some controversy. He discussed his unlikely overnight success in a new feature.

Dear LL Cool J: “Accidental Racist” was a bad idea. But you knew that already.

The Internets was on fire yesterday (April 8) after country music star Brad Paisley dropped his new song “Accidental Racist,” featuring veteran rapper-actor LL Cool J. Paisley shared in an upcoming print interview why he decided to release the controversial track, although it appears the West Virginia native is not necessarily an expert on race […]