One New Jersey Police Officer's pension and pay weren't enough. He decided to sling crystal meth on the side.


Chico DeBarge has battled drug addiction and the legal issues connected with such in the past, and now he has another pending charge to contend with. The R&B singer was caught trying to breaking into his own vehicle and was approached by officers who discovered the drug meth in his possession.


We would like to warn readers that this story has a number of details some may find disturbing. KTLA anchor Chirs Burrous died from an overdose of crystal meth that was inserted in his anus.

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Somebody went a little too crazy in Florida — shocking we know. 20-year-old Joseleen Elida Lopez, faces shoplifting charges for getting busted riding a motorized cart through Walmart while eating a rotisserie chicken, sushi, mini-muffins, and drinking wine.

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A 31-year woman with no regards for her ovaries was arrested earlier this week for concealing a loaded gun insider her vagina.


Two dudes got arrested for allegedly running a meth lab out of an Iowa Taco Bell. By the way, this is probably not what the company meant when they said: “think outside the bun.”


A Walmart bathroom has broken bad but the criminals weren’t as clever as Walter and Jesse.


Children are taught at an early age to make sure their parents check their Halloween candy before they eat it. A recent shocking discovery in a quiet San Francisco just proved why. An unnamed father found a small pink baggie containing a powdery substance that could have passed as crystal meth Halloween candy, only it […]


Aaron Lowden has to be thanking his lucky stars that his local Maine law enforcement was a bit too efficient.

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 The Wu-Tang Clan’s 20-year existence is staggering. Even today, the multifaceted crew commands the attention of Hip-Hop fans the world over. Method Man, the first breakout star from the Staten Island and Brooklyn- based unit, still has one of the most potent flows on the planet and promises he’ll keep delivering quality music, if the […]

From working alongside Redman to bring the sequel to Blackout! to laying verses for Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, rapper Method Man has been busy at work as of late within rap. With the collaborative effort Wu Massacre just around the corner, Mef is beginning to let the gears spin again to deliver […]