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Aaron Lowden has to be thanking his lucky stars that his local Maine law enforcement was a bit too efficient.

Thanks to a loophole in the system, he was allowed to be clear of a pending seven-year sentence for aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs because the police actually busted Lowden before the crystal meth he was looking to serve hadn’t finished cooking yet.

Via NBC News:

While Lowden was also charged with attempted trafficking, prosecutors didn’t ask the jury for a verdict on that lesser charge since it had already convicted him of the main trafficking count. So the only recourse, the high court said, is an outright acquittal.

In a search of Lowden’s rented room, investigators found some of the “key components sufficient for the manufacture of methamphetamine,” according to court documents, as well as a copy of the book “Advanced Techniques of Clandestine Psychedelic & Amphetamine Manufacture” — better known as “Uncle Fester’s Synthetic Manual” — a cookbook for illegal drugs.

What authorities didn’t find was any actual meth — “a necessary element of unlawful trafficking” in meth, Alexander wrote.

In a nutshell, Justice Donald G. Alexander said summarized the verdict by saying “you can’t traffic in a scheduled drug “without a scheduled drug ultimately being produced.”

Walter White, Lowden is not, and he benefitted from it. God Bless America.

Photo: York County Sheriff’s Office