Daniel Cameron

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, famously called out by Megan Thee Stallion, did the absolute minimum when it came to seeking justice for Breonna Taylor, the innocent Black woman killed whiles sleeping in her bed during a botched police raid. So much so, that members of the Grand Jury are calling for his impeachment.


We doubt anything will come of people calling out this miscarriage of justice but hopefully with a new administration some changes will actually be made. Vote come November, y'all.

According to published reports, Cameron petitioned the Government to pay for armed security for him and his wife after receiving "credible" threats. The Government Contract Review Committee gave its approval to the embattled attorney general’s request to hire security after there apparently were “several serious, credible threats to the Attorney General’s health, welfare, and, safety,” according to documents from Cameron’s office.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron files a motion to block an anonymous juror's request to make Breonna Taylor grand jury files public. The decision comes after Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, Detective Myles Cosgrove, and former Detective Brett Hankison avoided charges directly related to Taylor's death.

If it walks and quacks like a duck; chances are that it is a duck. The same goes for bootlicking sellout.

According to published reports, Daniel Cameron and his office now have a full report about the guns and shots fired in Breonna Taylor’s apartment on that dreadful night, but according to Cameron, the new information still leaves the case inconclusive.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron makes a surprise appearance at the Republican National Convention to show support for Donald Trump's presidential campaign. His most controversial case, the Breonna Taylor killing by police officers executing a no-knock warrant, remains unmoved since her demise on March 13. What's the hold-up?