Daniel Kaluuya will not be returning to appear in "Wakanda Forever", the sequel to Marvel and Disney's smash film "Black Panther". The actor turned down the role due to scheduling conflicts with his appearance in Jordan Peele's "Nope".

Jordan Peele’s latest film Nope had us all assuming that the film’s reluctant protagonist we’re looking up and saying NAH at a looming presence in the sky. The final trailer confirms its worst-kept secret.

“What’s a bad miracle?," asks Daniel Kaluuya's character in the trailer for Jordan Peele's latest horror flick, NOPE. Yeah, we're still sold on this one.

With one tweet, Jordan Peele has the Internet going nuts. The Oscar-winning director announced a new horror film called Nope that isn't dropping until next year, but Twitter is already excited.

The 2021 Golden Globe Awards were lit due to all the Black AF moments during the socially distanced awards show.

During his recent interview with Van Lathan for his Welcome to Higher Learning podcast, the Judas and the Black Messiah actor talked about his previous comment, revealing that not was the published story a misquote of what he actually said, but noting that it left out the entire message leading fans to misunderstand the concept.

Hampton was a leading activist in Chicago who was shot and killed by city police in an early morning raid in 1969.

Queen & Slim star and British actor Daniel Kaluuya may have broken into the industry by utilizing roles in films that creatively addresses the issue of race in America, he doesn’t want to be typecast because of it.

90’s babies hold on to your blanket because Barney is retuning to a theatre near you!


Get Out‘s Daniel Kaluuya has really been establishing himself as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars ever since breaking out of the sunken place and taking down a terrorist organization in Jordan Peele’s cult classic back in 2017. Now he’s about to make some very loud noise all over as he finds himself having become a […]

Oscar-nominated Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors at the moment. Fresh off betraying T’Challa in Black Panther, he just secured another role as the male lead in the upcoming independent romance Queen & Slim written by Lena Waithe.