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The self admitted witch of Hip-Hop is creeping back out just in time for Halloween. Azealia Banks has come for Dave Chappelle and Boosie for their recent statements about the LGBTQ community.

Specifically, a trans employee resource group at the streaming company is staging the protest after the company seemingly stood by Chappelle and suspended a trans staffer.

The National Black Justice Coalition and GLAAD have publicly requested that Netflix remove Dave Chappelle's latest comedy special over jokes he made about the trans community and the criticism for them he's received in the past.

Dave Chappelle is releasing a new documentary that will debut on the closing night of the Tribeca Film Festival.

Whether you find him funny or not one thing that can be said about Dave Chapelle is that he speaks from the heart. In a new interview, the comedian expressed his disappointment in the Saturday Night Live cast.

After years of fans asking, Dave Chappelle finally stops by Joe Rogan's podcast to have a brief chat on the latest happenings going on in American politics. Oh, yeah! Donnell Rawlings was there, too.


Mass shootings carried out by radicalized white nationalists and domestic terrorists has been a trend on the rise as of late and the recent shooting that left 9 people dead and 27 others wounded in Dayton, Ohio hit close to home for comedy legend Dave Chappelle. A resident of Yellow Springs, Ohio, Chappelle threw a […]


Back in the day when there was still hope that Dr. Dre was actually going to drop Detox there were rumors that the album’s theme was going to center around the life of a hitman (Dr. Dre) and that his conscious was going to be voiced by Denzel Washington during the interludes. While that never […]

Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart are both known for their biting social and political commentary and have had massive success in many arenas by way of stand-up comedy. The two are returning to their comedy roots and announced a joint tour that kicks off next month.

In what was supposed to be a bit introducing Russell Simmons during Def Comedy Jam 25, Dave Chappelle & D.L. Hughley slammed white supremacy.

Dave Chappelle is officially an Emmy Award winner.

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After more than a decade of playing the background and living in the shadows (attempting to), Dave Chappelle continues to build on his highly anticipated and very much welcomed comeback tour. The actor and comedian will be hosting Rihanna’s third annual Diamond Ball this September 14.