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During the opening of what was supposed to be an introduction to Russell Simmons for Netflix’s Def Comedy Jam 25 special, Dave Chappelle and D.L. Hughley launched into a hilarious improvised bit. The comedians took turns blasting white supremacists and the events in Charlottesville with effective results.

The introduction was going as planned with Hughley reading from a teleprompter script with Chappelle following along.  Chappelle, who has made it publicly known he’s no fan of the teleprompters, goes completely off script which prompts Hughley to do the same. What took Chappelle off his game was during reading, he had to deliver the line “because that’s just basically being Black in America” and Kid Capri played a New Jack Swing track, with Chappelle calling the line “weird.”

“If we told them what being black in America is, would they believe us? F— no, they wouldn’t. N-gga, there’s a f—ing white supremacist starter kit at Target. ‘Let me get some tiki torches, some khaki pants, and a f—ed up haircut, I got something going on next week.’ It’s real right now.”

Extremely funny stuff. Watch the clip of Dave Chappelle and D.L. Hughley clowning onstage in the clip below.

Photo: screen cap/Netflix