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Saturday Night Live - Season 46

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Joe Rogan’s podcast has been a known hotspot for icons and magnetic personalities to visit and shoot the sh*t, which may explain why Dave Chappelle popped in unannounced shortly after his hosting gig on NBC’s Saturday Night Live

The beloved comedian surprised his longtime friend and Comedy Central alum, Donnell Rawlings, two hours and twenty minutes into his scheduled interview with Rogan. 

Though the visit was brief, Chappelle was able to share his take on current events and how the coronavirus outbreak’s early days impacted him during his scheduled performances. 

“The last night we [Chappelle and Rawlings] were on tour, in Milwaukee. It was the last night between shows—it’s a two-show night—and the energy had changed. It went from festive to people looking worried when I got off stage,” he said. “Tom Hanks had had it. The one NBA player who touched all the mics [Rudy Gobert] had had it. And the horn starts ringing that they’re gonna shut the country down. I literally go, ‘That’s impossible.’”

Chappelle states that when he went out to do the second show, his “behavior changed almost immediately” in how he interacted with the assembled crowd. It was interesting,” he concluded.

The legendary comedian’s brief visit was just a tease, but he stated he’d return “after the inauguration” for a full episode. 

The reunion of Chappelle and Rawlings arrives at the perfect time for fans after Netflix’s announcement of the Chappelle’s Show acquisition, marking the popular sketch show the biggest purchase in the streaming network’s library this year. 

Watch the full interview below.