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The self admitted witch of Hip-Hop is creeping back out just in time for Halloween. Azealia Banks has come for Dave Chappelle and Boosie for their recent statements about the LGBTQ community.

As spotted on The Grio the Harlem, New York native had some words for the comedian and the Baton Rogue MC. In a since deleted Instagram Story post she wrote a lengthy response to both talents regarding their respective controversies. “Dave Chappelle is also about four years late to the transphobia outrage attention grab,” she said. “And Lil Boosie gets no extra streets cred for antagonizing a young black kid for who he chooses to love…Lil Nas X is not the catalyst for the generational debris left behind from centuries of psychological terrorism and the sexual exploitation of black men AND women on southern plantations via forced slave breeding/buckbreaking/bed wenching.”

She went on to detail how Boosie show have moved more tactfully. “Lil Nas X didn’t invent the current model for systemic oppression through food apartheid, anti-literacy laws and the for profit prison industrial complex. Lil Nas X is not singlehandedly responsible for your decision to consider those trappings ‘real nigga shit’ as you continue to wear your trauma and oppression as a badge of honor.”

She continued to check BooPac for his poor use of words when responding to Lil Nas X last week. “The fact that you have the confidence to publicly suggest that he kill himself for living a life free of all the things that have completely obliterated your ability to see yourself as anything other than a ward of the state is absolutely heartbreaking. You are on your way to becoming a felon dear, which means: you cannot own a passport, you will never get to experience the beauty of traveling the world, you will not be able to vote.”

Most recently Dave Chappelle made it clear he is willing to meet with the Netflix LGBQT staff members under certain conditions. Boosie on the other hand brought the heat to Lil Nas X’s father. You can see her posts below.