2021 might just top 2020 with its crazy start. It is clear that one of Uzzy Marcus‘ siblings isn’t the sharp knife in the drawer.

The fashion world has lost one of their most influential tastemakers in the last decade. Pierre Cardin has passed away.

The music industry continues to grieve the loss of Andre Harrell. More details are starting to come forward about how we lost one of the culture’s greatest minds.

When the times change so does fashion and history has proven that trends are temporary. Virgil Abloh thinks that those logo t-shirts won’t hold the same weight in a couple of years.

Founding member Betty Butt of the famous Twerk Team has passed away after being shot in the head at an apartment complex outside of Atlanta, GA. Members of the YouTube dance group have confirmed her death.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford is a wild boy. After admitting that he might be a crack smoker, on occassion, new video has emerged today that makes it evident that cocaine isn’t homie’s only illegal substance of choice. 

A celebrity bodyguard,  Norman Oosterbroek, whose clients included Jay Z, Drake, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, was tasered by police during an alleged home invasion in Miami and died.

Jim Kelly, famously known for playing martial artist Williams in Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon, has died. The famed Blaxploitation actor was 67-years-old. 

Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly of the 90’s rap group Kris Kross passed away today (May 1). He was just 34 years old.

Mr. Magic, a former No Limit rapper, and his wife, Chastity, died in a car accident on Friday night (March 1).

This news will be a blow to a 70’s and 80’s baby. Actor Lou Myers, most famous for portraying the surly Vernon Gaines on TV sitcom A Different World, passed away. He was 77-years-old.

Los Angeles Lakers owner Gerald Hatten “Jerry” Buss has passed away. He was 80 years old.