death threats

Liddell, 20, is a forward for the Buckeyes men's basketball team

If anything can be learned from the on-again, off-again relationship of Swae Lee and Marliesia Ortiz is that you have to cut off the toxic ones before it’s too late. Things got nasty enough between the two that Ortiz ordered a $20,000 hit on the Rae Sremmurd rapper but took the ask back.

A struggle rapper based in Florida found himself on the wrong side of the law after lyrics of his threatened violence at a college campus in the state. The lyric seemingly suggested that the artist known as Jun Jun would confront a musical rival at a University of Florida sports contest and shoot the event […]

Rep. Maxine Waters has drawn the ire of politicians from both sides of the aisle after making comments last week asking supporters to protest President Donald Trump and his Cabinet at every turn. With the media twisting the California congresswoman’s words into a call for violent attacks, Waters is now facing harsh words and death […]

Suge Knight, the incarcerated founder of Death Row Records, reportedly threatened Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray repeatedly.

A day after begging the woman he allegedly cheated on, Jerrika Karlae, for forgiveness, Young Thug seemingly issued a death threat her way.

No matter, there will always be people that vindictively ain’t trying to let Michael Vick cook. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback had to cancel a planned book signing tour because of death threats.

“I don’t feel too safe walking by the woods,” said Allen Edwards, a 19-year-old Black student from Canton.  “There’s woods everywhere.  And somebody could be out in them, and I don’t know.” In the town of Nelsonville, Ohio within the confines of Hocking College, Black students have been on high alert since warnings of death […]

On Saturday, September 26, a poll went online on Facebook asking users “Should Obama be killed?”   The users were given 4 choices: Yes. Maybe.  If he cuts my health care.  And no. The poll was part of an application which allowed an individual Facebook user to create it. Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt quickly pointed out […]