Dennis Graham, the father of Aubrey Graham AKA Draka, says that his son is keeping mum on the Israel conflict for now.


Two things that Drake is never short on; bars and witty commentary. The 6 God has just reminded us that his dad once got a struggle tattoo of him.


Drake has officially tested negative for the Coronavirus.


Although it appeared that Drake and his father were close, especially in recent times, Dennis Graham said that his son’s claims of him not being there when he was young were false. However, Drake has since fired back and said that his father was indeed absent in his life when he was young, causing quite […]


In an ode to his super successful rapper son, Dennis Graham got a giant tattoo of Drake's face on his arm. 

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Dennis Graham, better known to the public as the father of Canadian superstar Drake, has managed to cultivate his own brand while largely not siphoning any energy from his son’s massive fame. However, the 60-something Memphis man is throwing his hat into the creative ring and is focused on a R&B career.


Drake has taken his admiration for his father, Dennis Graham to skin deep proportions.

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The star of Drake‘s new video for “Worst Behaviour” is clearly his father’s mustache. 


Hip-Hop Wired has learned that Common and Drake actually squashed their beef at the Grammys, clearing up previous reports that the two rappers almost got into a violent altercation. Apparently, both Drake and Common’s entourages happened to be in the same area at the end of the Grammy red carpet, near where artists were being […]