On Monday, the Denver Nuggets franchise won its first NBA title. But a few hours after the game, celebrations in Denver were interrupted by a mass shooting that left at least 10 people wounded. According to ESPN, the shooting occurred around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday in an area where Nuggets fans were out celebrating the team’s […]


Law enforcement officials confirmed that Lyndon McLeod, who was killed in a shootout with police, was responsible for the mass shootings in Denver, Colorado on Monday. While offering no motive, many point to McLeod's prominent history of espousing white supremacy and violence online as a possible reason.


A Colorado man who claimed he was stabbed in the hand for looking like a neo-Nazi by the Antifa group was arrested for fabricating his story. Joshua Witt is now facing charges that could land him up to one year in jail for his false statement.


Allen Iverson isn’t letting go of his sprawling Atlanta mansion without a fight. TMZ reports that the former NBA player has filed legal documents to halt the sale of the home. The $4.5 million home was scheduled to go up for auction on Dec. 4, but the suit filed by Iverson put the brakes on […]

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A nursing student from Denver was arrested after telling his therapist that he wanted to kill President Obama, and children at random. Mitchell Kenneth Kusick, a student at Colorado Mesa University, was being held in custody Tuesday (Nov. 13), under suspicion of making threats against the commander in chief.

People shopping in one of Denver’s many stores can purchase a unique piece of sports memorabilia. Created in the wake of “Tiger-Gate 09,” a mysterious Gatorade bottle has hit Colorado shelves in what is obviously an attempt by someone to make a buck off of the misfortune of someone else. The bottles sport the word […]


A group of seemingly angry Black men left the clean, usually tranquil city of Denver in a state of constant fear. Several members of Denver’s white citizenry were brutally attacked as they ventured into the downtown area. The attacks were caught on tape, and all of the men featured were captured; still, authorities had no […]