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Allen Iverson isn’t letting go of his sprawling Atlanta mansion without a fight. TMZ reports that the former NBA player has filed legal documents to halt the sale of the home.

The $4.5 million home was scheduled to go up for auction on Dec. 4, but the suit filed by Iverson put the brakes on the whole operation. Claiming to have never consented to the loan for the residence, the 37-year-old filed a lawsuit against the lender, and blames his ex-wife for his latest financial problem.

Iverson asserts that his estranged wife, who was accused of jacking tons of his personal belongings, signed the paperwork for the home without his consent.

Filing suit will give the father of four more time to potentially get the money to cover the $1.2 million loan which he defaulted on, but the move may not help him get the home back.

Athletes and their money troubles are no joke, but A.I.’s been through this before. Last year his $3.8 million Denver mansion fell into foreclosure after he skipped out on the more than $2.5 million outstanding mortgage bill.

Photo: Dime Mag