Lil’ Kim has been embroiled in a legal situation involving her New Jersey mansion for months now but finally, the matter appears to be resolved. The veteran rapper managed to get the judge overseeing her bankruptcy case to block a creditor from seizing the home but she has to make timely payments from here on […]


The legal and financial woes of Mary J. Blige have become public record after the messy divorce from her former manager and husband, Kendu Isaacs was finalized this year. In the wake of the divorce settlement, it has come out that two of Blige’s New Jersey homes are entering foreclosure and a bank wants the […]


When police showed up to evict 90-year-old Johnnie H. Hodges Sr. last week, the elderly World War II veteran refused to leave the place he’s called home fore over 60 years. Hodges told the Buffalo, N.Y. officers that they’d have to carry him out in handcuffs, but the refused to do things that way, so he […]


It’s a thin line between being on MTV and having the bank snatch back your home. Ask any of these 15 stars who faced foreclosure on their cribs.


Could it be that Bryan “Baby” Williams aka Birdman have money trouble? The Cash Money Records co-founder’s Miami condo board has moved to have his property foreclosed on due to unpaid bills. 

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DMX’s struggles may be well-documented but he still has the heart of a benevolent dog.


Rappers and athletes, Atlanta real estate just may not be for you. Jermaine Dupri has successfully stopped his Atlanta home from being foreclosed and auctioned off; for the second time in four months.


Allen Iverson isn’t letting go of his sprawling Atlanta mansion without a fight. TMZ reports that the former NBA player has filed legal documents to halt the sale of the home. The $4.5 million home was scheduled to go up for auction on Dec. 4, but the suit filed by Iverson put the brakes on […]

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Allen Iverson broke many ankles in the NBA, but can’t catch a break when it comes to his finances. An Atlanta mansion the former NBA All-Star and MVP owns has been foreclosed and is being put up for auction this week.


Things are not looking too good for Nas, no matter what his album title may be. The legendary Queensbridge MC is no stranger to financial problems, the latest of which resulted in his Georgia home being foreclosed on, then sold at an auction. Nas purchased the 3,5000 square-foot 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom home back in 2004 for […]


Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is being plagued by Murphy’s Law. It’s been just over a week since he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife, Evelyn Lozada, and now the former Miami Dolphins player is being sued, on top of mounds of other unfortunate luck. Johnson’s former employee, Jacinth Preston, filed suit in Broward County, Fla. […]

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It looks like G.O.O.D. Music’s Common hasn’t been checking his mail back in Chicago. TMZ reports that the rapper’s Chi-Town condo is under threat of foreclosure after he allegedly fell months behind on his mortgage payments. Com Sense, who keeps a crib in LA, and his longtime manager Derek Dudley purchased the pad in 2008. But according […]