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Rappers and athletes, Atlanta real estate just may not be for you. Jermaine Dupri has successfully stopped his Atlanta home from being foreclosed and auctioned off; for the second time in four months.

TMZ reports that the So So Def founder has been in a beef with his mortgage company of over payments he allegedly owes in the six figures.

TMZ broke the story … Jermaine’s house came within inches of the auction block back in September — after he allegedly failed to make $193,404 in mortgage payments — but the producer successfully staved off the foreclosure sale, claiming the bill was erroneous.

But after Jermaine again allegedly failed to cough up payments, a new auction date was set for January 2nd.

And once again, Jermaine rescued his home — filing an emergency motion just days after Christmas, insisting the foreclosure company has continually failed to prove that Jermaine actually owes the money it claims he does.

The company claims he owes roughly $410,000 on the home — Jermaine insists he only owes $111,845.

Although Dupri has admitted he hasn’t made a mortgage payment since 2011, the judge sided with the producer and cancelled the auction.

JD has been living up in his crib for over a year without making a payment? Must be nice.

Paying your bills late seems to be Dupri’s M.O., though. In January 2012 he paid Georgia $493,818.75  for taxes he failed to pay in 2007. However, the principal was only $254,782.64 but the extra fines included $91,721.75 in interest, a $64,969.57 penalty fee and a collection fee of $82,294.70.

Money ain’t a thing.

Photo: So So Def