Richard Sherman has been having a rough week but some finally got some good news. A judge has set him free with no bail after being booked for very erratic behavior with his wife.


The Justine Skye and Sheck Wes saga continues to unfold. The Roc Nation sing apparently did seek assistance from police but her claims fell on deaf ears.

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Lest ye forget while tracking Dame Dash’s power moves, he’s still involved in a bitter dispute and custody battle with his ex-wife, Rachel Roy.

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Drew Berrymore The lifelong star began doing drugs before she even grew boobs and has been very vocal with the estranged relationship she shares with her mother.


“This woman really just called the cops on me… But u in MY house.” What happened to the good old days when a rapper was making headlines for their actual music and less about their exploits outside of the booth? Since Jae Millz returned back into relevancy, the Young Money member has used 2009 and […]

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Since the fateful day of December 17, 2009 when former Cincinnati Bengals player Chris Henry met an untimely and unexpected death, there has been heavy speculation as to the actual events that occurred between Henry and his wife on that fateful day. His wife, Loleini Tonga, has come out to speak on behalf of her […]