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Since the fateful day of December 17, 2009 when former Cincinnati Bengals player Chris Henry met an untimely and unexpected death, there has been heavy speculation as to the actual events that occurred between Henry and his wife on that fateful day.

His wife, Loleini Tonga, has come out to speak on behalf of her husband and to finally provide more clarity to the situation.

Following an argument on December 16 between the couple, Tonga pulled off in her truck while Henry was standing in the back.  Falling from the vehicle, a severe head injury would lead to Charlotte police announcing his death in the early morning hours of the following day.

According to Tonga, she believes her husband was trying to jump from the back of the moving vehicle and insists that she was not moving very fast in the truck.

Although no charges have been filed against the wife of Henry, reports have stated that she has yet to be cleared by authorities on the pending case.