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Richard Sherman has been having a rough week but some finally got some good news. A judge has set him free with no bail after being booked for very erratic behavior with his wife.

As spotted on ESPN the former Seattle Seahawks started had a rough night on Tuesday, July 13. Allegedly he was acting in a menacing fashion to not only his wife but also some of his in-laws. Naturally his actions made the family nervous prompting his better half to contact 911. She claimed he had way too much to drink. His father-in-law Raymond Moss added extra details about the crazy series of events to police.

“The family began to yell in fear,” Moss said. “I used pepper spray on Sherman’s face through the partially opened door as he was still banging and attempting to gain entry. I told him to stop. I armed myself with my handgun at this time fearing for the safety of myself and my family.” Sherman reportedly left the house and started driving his vehicle and eventually crashed into a construction zone. He was arrested that Wednesday morning in the wee hours by police.

At his first hearing King County District Court Judge Fa’amomoi Masaniai stuck him with four charges. Misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass in the second degree, malicious mischief in the third degree, misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and driving under the influence. The magistrate also did not set a $10,000 bail as the prosecutors requested allowing Sherman to leave the holding cell shortly after. He did mandate that Sherman not use any alcohol or prescription drugs or have any interaction with his father-in-law.

The story has made waves throughout the internet thus Richard has released a statement via Twitter. While he does not admit guilt to any of the charges he makes it clear he is remorseful. “I am deeply remorseful for my actions on Tuesday night,” Sherman wrote. “I behaved in a manner I am not proud of. I have been dealing with some personal challenges over the last several months, but that is not an excuse for how I acted. The importance of mental and emotional health is extremely real and I vow to get the help I need. I appreciate all of the people who have reached out in support of me and my family, including our community here in Seattle. I am grateful to have such an amazing wife, family and support system to lean on during this time.”