dru hill

Quick, picture Sisqo of “Thong Song” fame in a fight. Yeah, we laughed, too. But this really happened.

UPDATE: The L that Mr. Dalvin took by falling was exquisite. See below (0:11) mark. Jodeci’s reunion show in London didn’t go over well. Rather then being greeted with cheers, the  crowd turned against them, booing the group, last night (March 23).

After years of being on hiatus with his Dru Hill counterparts, Sisquo is starring in a new video. The singer was recently spotted in the video for rap newcomer Cool Hi who enlisted Sis to sing chorus on his new track “Sleep For Days.” In the video we see Cool Hi battle between good and […]

Once upon a time in “music business land,” the remix was heavily sought after and appreciated. Producers would put their all into creating a the spin to a song that will create a new sound.  The way things go now… just add a wack rapper on a track and you have a remix. That wasn’t […]

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