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Quick, picture Sisqo of “Thong Song” fame in a fight. Yeah, we laughed, too. But this really happened.

We also gotta mention that the former Dru Hill singer attempted, and failed, to blessed with one of those Jagged Edge singers with the proper fade. Again, emphasis on attempted.

Reports Necole Bitchie:

Singers Sisqo and Kyle “Quick” Norman got into it over God knows what over the weekend. The whole thing went down backstage at the Concord Pavilion where their R&B groups (Dru Hill & Jagged Edge) were booked for San Francisco’s KBLX’s Hot Summer Night concert.

From the short 15-sec clip uploaded to social media, it looks like Sisqo wanted a piece of Kyle because he lunged at him several times while Kyle opted to keep Sisqo at bay. It doesn’t look like any punches were thrown but the guys were definitely tussling.

In an interview with the Breakfast Club earlier this year, Kyle did reveal he had beef with Sisqo. Apparently, Jagged Edge passed by Sisqo while he was getting off an elevator, and he didn’t speak to them, while claiming he was half sleep so Kyle said, ‘Stay sleep then batch!’.

Apparently all was squashed soon afterwards with both parties shaking hands.

Peep the footage below. Sisqo had no chance, bruh.

Photo: Instagram