drug abuse

The death of Mac Miller has sent ripples of shock and sadness throughout the entertainment industry, with his peers collectively mourning the loss while praising the Pittsburgh rapper for his contributions to music. As the investigation of his sudden passing remains underway, officials have visited Miller’s California home to retrieve his body but there was […]

The recently reinstated Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon revealed in an interview with GQ that he used drugs and drank before every game.

Chris Brown has battled a poor image since 2009 when his domestic violence case involving ex-girlfriend Rihanna went public. The R&B singer’s recent legal woes and meltdowns are being attributed to heavy drug and alcohol abuse with those close to Brown offering an inside view in a revealing profile.

The so-called war against drugs has been an ongoing struggle to determine the best course of treatment for abuse and how to legally address the epidemic of high drug use across the country. However, a new call by parents of a rising number of heroin users suggests a kinder approach to the drug war compared […]

For the last couple of weeks, Lamar Odom’s reputation has been in question for numerous reasons. Since being traded from the Los Angeles Lakers, Odom has been a wash on the court. Also allegations of infidelity with different women started to populate throughout different news publications. But it’s the allegations of smoking on that crack […]

Upon returning home early one morning, a man was witness to a tragic scene involving two of his friends. Reported by The Times-Standard, Justin Davis stepped into his home, picking up his dog, and found a gruesome sight before him as his friend, Jarrod Wyatt, was standing in the living room, naked and bloody, with […]