drug dealer

If you are talking Coke Rap then you have to put respect on the Clipse. But to hear their former colleague tell it most of their classic bars come from his life.

Three smugglers are thanking both the heavens and the infamous coca plant after a harrowing experience. The trio hung on to their product, bales of cocaine, for dear life while waiting for help.

Demi Lovato is well on her way to recovery after her scary overdose incident, and the seedy dealer in question that supplied the drugs that led to the decline in her health had a raised profile naturally. However, the dealer, despite his involvement in helping the singer get to the drugs, will not face criminal […]

Another New York City police officer has learned the price of riding dirty. The badge will be doing hard time for dealing dope on the side.

The dope game comes with severe consequences. A dealer was allegedly attacked for eight hours straight over his stash.

A former MLB pitcher may have been living his post-baseball life as a drug kingpin. Esteban Loaiza reportedly got popped with 44 pounds of heroin and cocaine. 

That guy working at the fast food joint might be a drug kingpin on the low. Wednesday, (Oct. 3), the manager of a Bronx McDonald’s was arrested for allegedly selling drugs out of Ronald McDonad’s stash spot. 


For all those that thought that the days of the Italian Mob went out with Tony Soprano, think again. A Parisi Bakery scion and an old school Gambino crime family captain were amongst a crew that was busted for running a cross-country $15,000,000 marijuana-distribution operation.

A network of young, white and thoroughly privileged people ran a drug ring that included cocaine, marijuana and pills in Charleston, South Carolina. It all went down near the campus of the College of Charleston. 

Drug dealers go to extreme measures to hide their product from authorities, but this is just a ridiculous. A New Jersey man named Angel L. Romero-Corraliza was nabbed with 300 packets of heron, including 250 in a secret compartment between his butt cheeks. For real.

Mendeecees Harris is about that life, allegedly. The Love & Hip Hop New York cast member is currently in jail in Rochester and stands accused of trafficking $2.5 million worth her0in and c0caine. 

Everyone is doing their part to help out the victims of Hurricane Sandy, including a friendly neighborhood weed seller. While President Obama visited New York to take in the sites leftover by the storm, the unnamed  Brooklyn dealer is putting his money where his mouth is.