Even though Harlem’s underworld has been stained with several high profile snitches, but one OG who refused to fold. The man who ran uptown like a Fortune 500 company is finally home.


El Chapo’s time might be up so it is time for anyone close to him to cash out. His daughter is said to be launching her own fashion brand.


Bill Furay, head of the Beaumont,Texas Drug Enforcement Agency, must’ve inspired his teenage daughter to get into the business. After busting tons of traffickers in his day, Furay may have been surprised to find out that his own chid is a young drug lord. 


A 58-year-old grandmother who ran a crack coke drug ring in Buffalo, N.Y. faces sentencing this week after SWAT teams raided her operation in 2012. However, her former neighbors say that her reign as a drug queen actually kept the neighborhood safer and add that things have gone downhill since.

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This is not the kind of attention Lupe Fiasco is looking for. The Chicago rapper is being sued by “drug kingpin” Charles Patton’s soon to be ex-wife, who claims the MC hid millions of dollars on his behalf. Patton is the infamous Chilly Patton, Fiasco’s mentor and business partner who in 2007 was sentenced to […]


Federal authorities said Tuesday (June 4) that a  suburban New York mom was arrested for running a multi-million weed  grow house out of a building in Queens. Andrea Sanderlin, of Scarsdale,  is a mother of three. Her “greenery” supply is estimated at $3 million.

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New York has been dishing out legal fades and edge ups to several drug kingpins in the past few weeks. The latest in the parade of coke dons to get time in the slammer is Jamaican drug lord Christopher M. Coke, a notorious dealer whose manhunt led to a staggering 70-plus deaths in his native […]


The original “Freeway” Ricky Ross is sick and tired of William L. Roberts II profiting off of his name and reputation. While Hip-Hop’s Rick Ross, who at the moment has Miami police looking for him, enjoys his lofty perch on the top of MTV’s Hottest MCs in the Game list, “Freeway” Ricky is busy trying to put a […]

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“The Ghost of Rich Porter, the hustle.” With only 7 days left until the release of Jim Jones’ newest mixtape, The Ghost of Rich Porter, the rapper is looking to his stomping grounds of Harlem for inspiration and to tell another story. Similar to Harlem’s American Gangster, Jones builds momentum from the drug world surging […]