Ex-NBA Star Jalen Rose Jogs Into Prison To Serve Sentence Jalen Rose was sentenced to 93 days in jail for pleading guilty to drunk driving. The time in jail was generously reduced to 20 days and his sentence began yesterday as the former NBA star jogged into the joint. AC of WCHBNewsDetroit.com staked out the […]

A 12-year-old Minnesota girl was cited for drunk driving after police say her 19-year-old accomplice gave her the keys to a vehicle and asked for a ride home. Police say the unidentified pre-teen was intoxicated when they arrived at the scene of an accident. The passenger in the vehicle, 19-year-old Benjamin Repinski, was arrested after […]

A video has surfaced today of the popular New York rapper Nas being arrested for a DUI back in September. TMZ released the video of Nas’ DUI arrest as well as a statement saying: