In the grueling days after Election Day, to the victor, President-Elect Joe Biden, goes the spoils.


Despite the slim margins, President Donald Trump has prematurely declared victory over Joe Biden and it remains to be seen how the ending plays out.


Considering Slim Shady aligning with Joe Biden's campaign and Weezy F. Baby's endorsement of Trump, Fif had to deliver a signature moment of trolling.


The rapper will make appearances at three Atlanta polling locations on Election Day complete with food trucks to feed voters as they wait.


With Foot Locker, SNIPES and even some professional sports arenas doing their part to ensure people get to cast their ballots, it seems like the people have a fighting chance to enact change come November.


The entire nation will be glued to their television sets when polls out on Election Day tomorrow (Nov. 6), and several key races are ones to watch. There is a push for an upheaval of Republican Party mainstays in five races we’ve got our eyes on, and these folks really need to catch the political […]

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In this week's election cycle across several American cities, seven of these locations elected black mayors for the first time in history.

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The Republican Party has won enough seats in nationwide senatorial races to overtake the U.S. Senate on Election Day. Along with the majority of the house, this major feat gives the party full control of Congress for President Barack Obama‘s final two years in office.

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For Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, who arrived at election day wearing a Wu-Tang Clan shirt, votes rule everything around her.

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Yesterday (Nov. 4) was Election Day across the nation and there were a number of races that garnered special attention. 

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There have been many negative responses to President Obama’s re-election, but this is perhaps one of the most tragic. A salon owner in Key West, Fla. committed suicide because of Obama’s win. Henry Hamilton, warned that he would take his life if the commander in chief was elected to a second term, and sadly kept his promise […]

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As Election Day comes to a close, the votes were close but one winner prevailed during this year’s presidential election. Americans cast their votes, and re-elected Barack Obama as president, Tuesday (Nov. 6).