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The entire nation will be glued to their television sets when polls out on Election Day tomorrow (Nov. 6), and several key races are ones to watch. There is a push for an upheaval of Republican Party mainstays in five races we’ve got our eyes on, and these folks really need to catch the political fade by all means.

We name five GOP members that, for varying reasons, need their pink slips handed to them. On the real, if these incumbents were actually doing good work for the good of all citizens that they represent and not abusing their respective offices, it wouldn’t be a need for us to point out the exit door to them.

Check out these five Republicans that need to take the Election Day L below.

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1. Rep. Duncan Hunter

The California lawmaker got caught on corruption charges and misusing campaign funds to the tune of $250,000. He’s also the second congressman to support President Donald Trump’s candidacy. On top of it, he tried to pin the corruption on his wife. That alone mean he needs to be up out of here.

2. Rep. Dave Brat

The Virginia lawmaker who upset Rep. Eric Cantor on the back of the Tea Party wave (remember them?) is up against former CIA special operations officer Abigail Spanberger. Brat’s last name is pretty apt considering he gave a woman a hard time about attack campaign ads, saying that the jailed drug addict’s life can’t be harder than his.

3. Rep. Steve King

Iowans are poised to reelect this racist airbag, this after he endorsed a white nationalist running for mayor of Toronto and palling around with far-right outlets.

4. Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin

The thing about Gov. Scott Walker most experts zero in on is his record on the rights of workers. His attack on labor unions and their collective bargaining rights has made him an easy mark to get ousted, but his opponent Tony Evers has shown signs of life in the polls.

5. Sea. Ted Cruz

Rafael Edward Cruz, better known as Beautiful Ted, is facing off against likable, if little-known, Democratic congressman Beto O’Rourke. Although early numbers put Cruz ahead, predictions aren’t a science.

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