Electronic Arts

Baltimore Ravens star quarterback, Lamar Jackson broke the news that he unlocked that achievement of grabbing the cover and achieving a life long dream in a video posted on the Ravens' Twitter account. There is one problem, he wasn't supposed to reveal that information yet.

EA offered PC Gamers a crack at its “vault” allowing them to play a selection of games when it first introduced its Origin Access subscription service. Now the game company is looking to up the ante with the launch of Origin Access Premium which they first teased at E3.

Treyarch showed its hand with a single-player campaign-less Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, now its Electronic Arts turn with Battlefield V.

Yesterday during Electronic Arts‘ press conference, studio developer DICE showed off more of Battlefield 4‘s gaming experience during the E3 festivities.

Is this the tipping point where Call of Duty fans hop aboard what is hands down one of the best multiplayer first-person shooters in the gaming industry?

Apparently, all hope has not been given up on Tiger Woods with his recent troubles.  With most of his other sponsors putting an end to their business and association with the golfer, Electronic Arts is still riding with Woods. Electronic Arts Inc. announced Monday that they are standing behind the golfer, at least for the […]