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Battlefield V 1

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Treyarch showed its hand with a single-player campaign-less Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, now its Electronic Arts turn with Battlefield V.

During a live stream event hosted by The Daily Show’s host Trevor Noah, Electronic Arts gave fans their first look at Battlefield V. The next installment in the popular first-person shooter franchise will return to World War II, a setting the game hasn’t visited since 2009’s Battlefield 1943. This time around though players will take part in unexpected battles and untold stories in new locations such as Norway north of the Arctic Circle, the ruins of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, North African desert, the French countryside and Greece.

So here are the new modes and features Battlefield V will have:

The Company

Players will now have a stable called The Company where they will be able to fully customize soldiers race, gender, hair and facial features. Weapons and vehicles will also be fully customizable allowing players to kit them out allowing for different variations to be available for use during gameplay.  Dice makes it very clear that cosmetic unlocks are no longer earned by gameplay progress. Any enhancements that alter gameplay must be obtained through playing the game.

New Game Modes

Unlike Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Battlefield V will have a single-player campaign. Returning from Battlefield 1 will be the “war stories” model. Players will be taken to lesser-known theaters associated with WWII. Battlefield V’s massive multiplayer will also be returning along with two new modes. Combined Arms will allow teams of up to 4 players to duke it out cooperative gameplay. Grand Operations is a multi-match, multiday engagement on a grand scale that will allow up to 64 players. Outcomes of each match can have an impact on the gameplay of the next game and it can even end in a sudden-death playoff.

Gameplay Mechanics

Battlefield V will also introduce enhanced squad mechanics. Players will now be attached to a squad ditching the ability for players to join a match as a single player. During games, ammo and supplies will be scarce forcing your team to strategize and think about how to resupply going forward. Players will also be able to make better use of spawning thanks to the new ability to see over the shoulder of the squad members before respawning. If the entire squad is killed, you will have to work hard to get back that ground they lost in the match. Voice chat is also being expanded, Dice will allow squad members to stay in communication even if they are not in the same game modes.

Controls will also be upgraded as giving players more movement options than they ever had before. You will be able to launch yourself into a prone position and slide forward either facing left or right. You will also go into a prone position falling backward and can fire while crawling on your back. Players will now have full 360-degree freedom of movement while in the prone position.

Environment Destruction and Build Fortifications

Battlefield games always featured environment destruction so it should come as no surprise it returns and looks even better this time around. Gunfire or just crashing into a building will damage it causing debris to break away and scatter realistically. Also, players will now have the ability to now build fortifications. Each player will begin a match with a toolkit. In building mode, players will utilize resources to construct different fortifications like gun emplacements, camouflage netting, and sandbags.

Battlefield V 2

Source: EA / EA

Tides of War

Keeping players interested in the game for an extended period of time could be a task. Just ask the folks at Bungie about keeping players interested in Destiny 2. Battlefield V’s multiplayer at launch will have plenty of new places for gamers to battle in but to make sure they keep players coming back they developed a new system called Tides of War. Basically, over time new fronts will be available giving players a reason to stick around. Loyal players will also be treated to vehicles, weapon and skin components that will only be available for limited time.

The best part it won’t cost gamers a damn thing. Dice announced there will be no Premium Pass needed to enjoy the limited items. Plus every new map, mode, and expansion pack will be free for everyone.

While Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is worried about competing with Fortnite, Battlefield V looks like it’s just improving on an already excellent experience Dice delivered in Battlefield 1. Standard versions of Battlefield V launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC simultaneously on October 19th. The deluxe edition unlocks on October 16th and if you have EA Access and Origin Access you deploy early on October 11th.

Check out the intense trailer for Battlefield V below.


Photo: Electronic Arts/DICE

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