Either Quincy Brown is very impulsive or has a good sense of humor. He has removed a face tattoo after receiving backlash online.


Lil Uzi Vert loves getting tattoos but might have gone overboard with his latest body ink.


Cardi B lives with very little regrets. One decision that has seemed to bring her much happiness is tattooing her son’s name on her face. 


The New Orleans wordsmith has displayed great regard for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan across previous verses but a new face tattoo saluting the Nation of Islam leader upped the ante.


Amber Rose debuted her new look and it set the internet ablaze, now she has some choice words for the critics.


Offset might be the proudest father in Rap music. He just got his newborn daughter inked on his face.


Looks like we have yet another example of “they” trying to get “us.” The FBI is reportedly working on tattoo recognition technology to profile people.


Justin Bieber got a face tattoo, and the reactions were immediate. If you care, it’s a tiny little cross near his eye. 


In the latest in “WTF is wrong with Young Thug news,” the Atlanta rapper got a tattoo of an ice cream cone on his face. Yep, the new ink is a homage to his currently incarcerated “bae” Gucci Mane. 

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After getting the phrase “Rich Forever” inked between his bottom lip and chin, Rick Ross recently added to his facial ink by having the NBA’s Miami Heat logo tattooed above his right eyebrow.

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As the Hip-Hop community is still collectively in the “shock and awe” phase of reacting to the Lil Wayne new tattoo of the Eye of Providence on his chin, it’s his “Mumma’s Boy” face ink that has those who are fluent in speaking Arabic scratching their heads.

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A California based artist by the name of Spider put his own twist on the Eye of Providence and inked it right on Lil’ Wayne’s chin.