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As the Hip-Hop community is still collectively in the “shock and awe” phase of reacting to the Lil Wayne new tattoo of the Eye of Providence on his chin, it’s his “Mumma’s Boy” face ink that has those who are fluent in speaking Arabic scratching their heads.

The Young Money detractor was recently at a California tattoo parlor where a man named Spider did his new face art. But according to Al Arabyia News, the tattoo over his eye doesn’t have a literal Arabic translation to the English phrase. It actually…doesn’t make any sense.

The publication compiled many social media users who agreed with the sentiment with one even going as far as saying, “Never use Google translate to generate the text of your tattoo.”

It hasn’t been confirmed that exactly happened, but given the accessbility of the Internet, it wouldn’t be out of the question to rule out the possibility.

Flip through the gallery for the Lil Wayne new tattoo pictures and Arabic speaking citizens who are waving their finger.

Photo: Instagram/Spideytat

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