MTV’s groundbreaking reality show The Real World will be making a coming back, but things are going to differ on a much grander and interactive scale this time around.

Silicon Valley was rocked yesterday (Sept.24) with the news of Instagram’s co-founders officially stepping down from the popular photo-sharing app.

Looks like all of the scandals that have rocked Facebook are finally taking its toll on the social media giant. Today it is widely reported that the company that Zuckerberg built is on course to suffer its largest loss financially since it went public. 

Facebook sees a golden opportunity to get their piece of the video game streaming pie. The social media giant looks to compete with the big boys like Twitch and YouTube with their own video game streaming hub Fb.gg.

Super-fast wifi is coming to a city near you very soon thanks to Facebook and Qualcomm. 

Mark Zuckerberg faced another grilling of questions on Wednesday during his testimony in front of a joint Congress regarding Facebook‘s data scandal. GOP members from the House and Senate called to attention Facebook marking pro-President Donald Trump stooges Diamond and Silk’s page on the network as “unsafe,” saying that he and his team made an […]

Remember Myspace, the social media precursor to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat? Well, it must be 2005 because Twitter users went back into a time warp to discuss the network, which had it trending this morning.

A scam of the highest order was unleashed onto the unsuspecting after it was revealed the largest Black Lives Matter Facebook page was run by a white man in Australia. Ian Mackay was the mastermind behind the page that had twice as many users as the official BLM page, and even took donations under the banner of […]

Facebook is under intense scrutiny after it was revealed that political research firm Cambridge Analytica stole the data of roughly 87 million users. If you are worried/curious you are one of those people, Facebook will finally notify you via their platform. 

Tinfoil hat wearers who have been warning people about big brother watching you through your phone might be saying “I told you so.” A Facebook user discovered that the social media giant has been keeping extensive records about texts and calls he made on his Android smartphone. Facebook admits to the behavior but says it […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally came out of hiding to address how his company allowed a shady election data firm, Cambridge Analytica, to misuse the personal data of 50 million Facebook users.

North Carolina man Prentis Robinson was known in his hometown of Wingate for using Facebook Live to call out local drug dealer and criminals. Robinson’s noble aims to call attention to what was happening in the neighborhood led to a suspected drug dealer shooting him during a live stream, with the man eventually surrendering to […]