President Barack Obama attempted to warn Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg about the prevalence of fake political news on the social media network.

Texas judge James Oakley was in hot water last week after he made racist comments via his Facebook page. The first Republican judge of the state’s Burnet County took to the social media network and essentially called for the lynching of a Black suspect accused of killing a police officer.

The same way Bank Of America won’t hesitate to hit you with an overdraft fee, they are quick to fire full frontal racists. 

A California teen allegedly confessed to killing her boyfriend in a Facebook post before going on the run. Police in San Bernardino, Calif. are now looking for 18-year-old Nakasia James in the death of 21 year-old Dorian Powell.

A 25-year-old mother in Ferguson, Mo. was found dead in her apartment Saturday (Nov. 28) and family members think a Facebook friend may be involved. Sharae Bradford was discovered face down, naked and in a pool of blood.

Upset over Facebook’s response to Paris, and disregard for terrorist attacks in Beirut, Kenya and other locations, has forced a change in the company’s policy. After Facebook turned on the Paris Security Check Friday, approximately four million people marked themselves as safe on the social networking site, sending notifications out to more than 350 million […]

Activist and New York Daily News writer, Shaun King, had his social media temporarily suspended for posting an email exchange with CNN yesterday (Nov. 4). King was asked to be on Don Lemon’s show to discuss  Quentin Tarantino’s police brutality comments, and the Illinois cop who staged his suicide to look like a homicide.

A disturbing video posted onto Facebook by a user named Daniel Tecu has been circulating and features a Romanian man forcing a baby to drink liquor and smoke cigarettes. Authorities are furiously hunting down the unnamed suspect in this horrific case.

Atlanta man Gerod Roth probably wishes he had better filters on his Facebook profile or, better yet, that he never took a selfie featuring a young Black child with racist comments that followed. Known as Geris Hilton on Facebook, Roth was fired from his job after he and his friends posted insensitive remarks underneath the […]

Bonnie and Clyde are likely rolling in their graves over the stupidity put on display by a Ohio bank robbing couple who were recently busted after they told on themselves on social media.

Facebook might be an old horse in the social media space, but it’s still the biggest game in town. For years, users of Facebook have grown accustomed to the “like” button function, which often has been applied awkwardly, but now a “dislike” button is on the horizon.

You can now serve divorce papers on Facebook. It may not be a trend (yet) but it worked for a Brooklyn woman after a judge ruled in her favor.