Russell Wiseman is some sort of Charlie Brown fanatic, at least that is conventional thinking as that could be the only reason that would give a semblance of credence to the outrageous rant he bequeathed to Facebook. The mayor of Arlington, Tennessee rebuked the President of the United States for having the audacity to interrupt […]

A  Black Mississippi man has become another casualty of the ever changing legal battlefield in its regard to an ever evolving set of digital laws. Dyron Hart, 20, of Poplarville was awarded three years of probation after the imbecile thought it was an acceptable idea to pose as a white supremacists upset with the election […]

If you are a hip, savvy, New York “gangsta,” you are warned, the NYPD is watching you. As current gang trends make their way to the World Wide Web, law enforcement is moving right along with them, with visible proof seen in the latest move by the infamous men and women of New York’s police […]

“You look at someone like Tupac who was born on the East Coast and started to revolt against the East Coast. How would the blogs and the Internet received that. With everybody today bent on exposing somebody, how would they have done that? How would The Smoking Guns of the world have perceived that? Would […]

Robbery was the case that they gave Rodney Bradford and “where’s my pancakes” is the phrase that saved him after members of New York’s Finest arrested the young man for participating in a burglary that he claimed to have not participated in. Detectives apprehended Bradford, 19, after they suspected that he was involved in a […]

The Republican National Committee’s Facebook page raised eyebrows after a racist picture appeared on the group’s fan page. A “fan” of the committee posted a picture of President Obama eating a piece of fried chicken with a caption that reads:   “Miscegenation is a crime against American values. Repeal Loving v. Virginia.”   Miscegenation or the […]

One month ago, Maxi Sopo was a free man, resting deep within the embrace of hedonistic wiles. Now, he is probably resisting the aggressively persistent embrace of “Big” Bubba from cell block D, as federal authorities have finally apprehended the flighty criminal. All thanks to the social networking behemoth known as Facebook. Federal authorities claim […]

On Saturday, September 26, a poll went online on Facebook asking users “Should Obama be killed?”   The users were given 4 choices: Yes. Maybe.  If he cuts my health care.  And no. The poll was part of an application which allowed an individual Facebook user to create it. Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt quickly pointed out […]