Just when you thought luxury fashion could not get any more irrational YSL is about to release a leftovers inspired bag.


Balenciaga continues to troll the fashion world. Their newest piece is a purse that looks like a bag of Lay’s chips.


The famous proverb waste not want seems to not hold any weight at the Burberry corporate offices. The luxury brand destroys thousands of pieces a year without blinking.


It is safe to assume no one of color is on the design team at H&M. After a headass racially insensitive move the retailer has faced major backlash from the African-American community.


Fashion trends moves in cycles, and New York Times reports that the famed 8-Ball leather jacket has regained its juice of old.


For the most part, celebrities dress very nicely. They have glam squads on deck to make sure they look good. In the case of the 2014 BET Awards, some got it right and others just struggled beyond belief.

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Let’s face it; Jay Z has a winning streak that will most likely never be repeated. He’s got an album library of a legend,  built the Roc-A-Fella empire, wifed the baddest woman in the game, helped bring the Nets to New York and more. While he has a once in a lifetime career, he also […]

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You’d think that Paul George would keep other aspects of his life intact as he works through his issues, such as allegedly enduring a suspicious catfishing fiasco. But during an extreme lapse in chill, the Indiana Pacers baller wore a leather outfit that caused an uproar on the Internets on Monday, March 24.