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Fashion trends moves in cycles, and New York Times reports that the famed 8-Ball leather jacket has regained its juice of old.

In 2014, the 8-Ball jacket was most notoriously sighted on the back of Jorge Pena, the New York City train goer whose violent encounter with a woman passenger went viral.

Pena didn’t spark the trend, per se. But the victim of his thunderous slap’s prefacing put down, “You got a wack eight-ball jacket that came out in 1990,” isn’t as slanderous as it seems, considering the popular trend of garbing up in vintage wear.

The Times described the 8-Ball jacket’s resurgence perfectly: “Like a leathery cicada, it makes its periodic return, bolstered by iconic simplicity and nefarious associations.”

Only time will tell if the garb will truly come back in style. In the meantime, hit the jump to see a few examples of the epic 8-Ball jacket.

Photo: Etsy, YouTube

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