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You’d think that Paul George would keep other aspects of his life intact as he works through his issues, such as allegedly enduring a suspicious catfishing fiasco. But during an extreme lapse in chill, the Indiana Pacers baller wore a leather outfit that caused an uproar on the Internets on Monday, March 24.

The photo was brought to our attention by SB Nation, but after further review, we discovered that George habitually commits fashion suicide. From obnoxious plaids to dismal mixes of fabric, it appears that the NBA All-Star is looking to break every fashion rule in the book…and not in a good way.

Aside from the obviousness of being able to afford any thread or fabric they want, NBA players do have it rough when it comes to building up their closet with acceptable outfits. Their tall and lanky frame all but force all their clothes to be tailor-made, leaving them at the mercy of whatever fashionista’s eyeballs they have entrusted.

Still, there is no excuse for some of the anomalies George is forcing his body to wear post-game.

If you can stomach it, feast your eyes to some of Paul George’s most questionable attire. Spare no slander in the comments section, folks.

Photo: Instagram, Brooke Olzendam, Pacers Krissy, NBA

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