R. Kelly has been hit left and right with legal haymakers, most especially those related to his infamous dealings with young women and reports of sexual abuse. Now, federal authorities are on the hunt for more visual evidence of the troubled singer’s allegedly foul ways.


Backpage, the longtime classified ads sites best known for users selling all kinds of wares, has been shut down by the Justice Department. The website has been an alleged haven for prostitution and sex trafficking, and a co-founder of the website was arrested and slapped with still unknown charges.

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In what appears to be a move to get the Megaupload case tried on U.S. soil, the feds are pulling Swizz Beatz back into the case, although the matter was reportedly settled in January after attorneys for the file-sharing giant stated that the producer/rapper was never the company’s CEO as authorities claim. Now, the feds […]

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Hector Xavier Monsegur, 28, is a rat. But, you see, Monsegur isn’t your average rat who snitches on his crew for petty crimes. No, Monsegur is much, much bigger than your average criminal who flipped the script on his law breaking crew. Monsegur is better known as Sabu, the most prominent member of Anonymous and […]