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President Obama made it to New Jersey Wednesday (Oct. 31) afternoon, where he was given an aerial view of the devastation leftover by Sandy. With areas still not reachable by foot, Obama was met by state Gov. Chris Christie, who lauded his efforts in expeditiously singing declarations  allowing for federal aid to make it to the area.

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Mitt Romney is doing more damage control over previous comments he made about wanting to cut the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In the wake of Sandy—the storm which destroyed many areas on the East Coast—Romney is assuring the public that while last year he thought that disaster recovery should be left up to the […]

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When it comes to a natural disaster, Michael Brown should not be shelling out advice. The former head of FEMA’s disastrous handling of Hurricane Katrina has gone down in the history books, and the premature praise given to him by President George W. Bush was a political nightmare. Nonetheless, Brown shared his thoughts on President Obama’s […]

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One day after tropical cyclone Sandy hit the East Coast causing damage in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and beyond, President Obama signed important disaster declarations. The move opens the door for federal assistance to the areas hit hard by the the storm.

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President Obama addressed the nation Tuesday (Aug. 28) in light of Tropical Storm Isaac, which is expected to make landfall as a hurricane today or tomorrow. Coming seven years after the disastrous handling of Hurricane Katrina, the president revealed that preparations for the storm have been put in place, as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) […]

There is no doubt that Hurricane Katrina was a storm of colossal proportions, a rarity even in the current climate of super-charged storm fronts, but it is the ruling of a judge that has given a target for all of those affected by the damage left in its wake. In a monumental ruling, U.S. District […]

A federal inspector general released a report Thursday slamming FEMA for failing to address the formaldehyde problems in the mobile trailers they provided to Hurricane Katrina victims. The 80-page report claims that FEMA declined to address the matter in a timely fashion being overly concerned with its already tainted public image. The report says FEMA […]