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When it comes to a natural disaster, Michael Brown should not be shelling out advice. The former head of FEMA’s disastrous handling of Hurricane Katrina has gone down in the history books, and the premature praise given to him by President George W. Bush was a political nightmare.

Nonetheless, Brown shared his thoughts on President Obama’s decision to drop everything and go back to the White House ahead of tropical cyclone Sandy.

“I was kind of surprised,” he told The Dirty. “I don’t know if it was necessary.”

Brown also doesn’t understand why Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, and the commander in chief, halted campaign plans all because of the storm.

The president signed disaster declarations for the East Coast, garnering appreciation from the governors of New York and New Jersey, but Brown could care less. “I don’t think he needs to stay [in Washington]. If I were still running FEMA…here is all I would want president to do publicly and privately: call the cabinet together, and say to the cabinet, ‘We have a potentially destructive storm; if or when the director of FEMA calls you, you give him whatever he asks for, no questions asked. Just do it.’

“That would show you are paying attention. It would send the signal the FEMA guy is in charge, and when a governor asks for something, and FEMA says, ‘Yes I can get you those helicopters and coast guard ships,’ that it would happen.”

In regards to the campaign, Brown sees Sandy as a “no win situation,” particularly for Romney, and believes that the president can always use his response to the disaster to “campaign without campaigning.”

After several inquiries into his qualifications to run FEMA, given his lack of experience, and previous gig as the head of the International Arabian Horse Association, Brown caved to the backlash and stepped down from his post.

He now hosts a radio show in Colorado.


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