Fox and Friends


To almost everyone who isn’t a part of the Cult 45 known as Trumpians, Donald Trump’s red Make America Great Again hat symbolizes racism, xenophobia and most of all, white supremacy. In other words it’s the 21st century’s version of the KKK hood.

Diamond & Silk, the Black sellouts who love them some President Donald Trump, are back to pushing brooms and putting on their best tap shoes in their ongoing minstrel show. The pair were guests on Fox News defending President Donald Trump and had the audacity to say he’s getting mistreated on a level that President […]

Stephen Colbert has moved on from his satirical post on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report and now sits as the host of CBS’s The Late Show. Colbert wore a #BlackLivesMatter bracelet during a broadcast, which angered a trio of Fox News hosts who spent an uncomfortable amount of time dismantling the very meaning of the […]

Geraldo Rivera has been a Republican figurehead for some time, and hasn’t been shy about stating his narrow minded views about Black culture. The former talk show host once again echoed similar views, this time throwing all people of color under the bus.

Mike Tyson is hoping that “Obamacare” will help him pay off the millions he owes in back taxes. Instead of running from the debt, the former boxing champ announced on Fox News that he is “looking forward” to paying his bills .

Geraldo Rivera hasn’t been the same since he only found some empty bottles in Al Capone’s vault back in ’86. Today on Fox And Friends, of course, Rivera commented on the slaying of Trayvon Martin at the hands of wannabe police officer/Neighborhood Watch vigilante George Zimmerman. “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for […]