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To almost everyone who isn’t a part of the Cult 45 known as Trumpians, Donald Trump’s red Make America Great Again hat symbolizes racism, xenophobia and most of all, white supremacy. In other words it’s the 21st century’s version of the KKK hood.

Still, far-right conservatives can’t seem to comprehend why people would make such a comparison so naturally they were up in arms when the Washington Nationals catcher, Kurt Suzuki was criticized for proudly flaunting the divisive piece of headwear during his visit to the White House. Naturally the co-hosts of Fox & Friends defended the catcher’s choice to support Donald Trump who hugged Suzuki from behind during his unexpected show of support at the press conference.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade felt that “All he did was support the President of The United States” while his co-host Ainsley Earhardt complained that “You’re hated if you walk up to that microphone, support him and put on that hat.”

Well, yeah. You’re either against bigotry or you’re for it. It’s not rocket science.

Nationals relief pitcher Sean Dolittle stated as much when he refused to attend the event and pointed to Donald Trump’s rhetoric for the reason he couldn’t bring himself to be a part of this White House’s celebration of the World Series Champions.

Check out Fox & Friends continue to act like state run media below and let us know your thoughts on Kurt Suzuki catching all kinds of blowback on social media.

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