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Geraldo Rivera has been a Republican figurehead for some time, and hasn’t been shy about stating his narrow minded views about Black culture. The former talk show host once again echoed similar views, this time throwing all people of color under the bus.

Rivera was a guest on Fox News’ Fox & Friends program, in where the panel was discussing the state of race relations in America and blasting Democrats and the NAACP for playing the race card along partisan lines. After playing a clip from former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Rivera praised her for being “balanced” and a “great role model. However, it wasn’t long before Rivera launched into his digs at minorities.

“Wouldn’t you love to have her [Rice] fun for office?” asked Rivera to the panel. “She would be a brilliant national office holder.”

Rivera added, “There’s too much in the minority culture, the embrace of the thug ethic. No belt, so your pants are down around your butt. Or remember how much trouble I got in about the hoodies? But the point is if you want to embrace that failure, you will be a failure and your children will be a failure.”

In essence, Rivera and the panelists believe that Black and minority organizations are lax to praise wins by South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and Utah congresswoman Mia Love on Election Night.

How that connects to Rivera’s comments is a mystery to us as well.

Watch Rivera’s statements courtesy of Media Matters below.