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Mike Tyson is hoping that “Obamacare” will help him pay off the millions he owes in back taxes. Instead of running from the debt, the former boxing champ announced on Fox News that he is “looking forward” to paying his bills .

Tyson — who has been “blue-collering it” by way of one-man show and various other gigs– told Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade that he’s ready to send Uncle Sam a check.”I’m so proud to be in this,” he said. “I look forward to paying off my taxes and paying off my country, because that’s my duty.”

But he also understands the conspiracy theorists. “I know they say that’s legal extortion, but listen, I’m living in this country and if I got to pay taxes, that’s the money that I paid for my life on Earth.”

From there Tyson traveled down memory lane, saying that despite having “the biggest liberal family in the world,” his money was better off under Republican presidents. “I had the more money when Bush and Reagan was president! Oh I shouldn’t — my wife’s going to kill me for that.”

“Bush and Reagan had this idea that you should keep your money,” Kilmeade added.

Once worth an estimated $400 million, the now bankrupt sports star is hoping that the Obama administration will save him some money. “I’d like that to work for me,” he said.”I’ma work on that one too with this Obama administration. See can this Obamacare help us keep some money.”

Photo: Fox News