Freddie Gray

Being Black in America has always had it’s challenges but as more statistics move the forefront we are seeing concrete proof of cities and states in America not only targeting Black people for existing but it’s also for profit.

The six police officers connected to the death of Baltimore man Freddie Gray will not face federal charges according to new reports.

Glen Keith Allen, the attorney in place to defend Baltimore Police Department officers in a misconduct case, has ties to a large neo-Nazi group. Allen explained that he joined the group because of some troubles he had with Black people in an earlier time in his life.

Marilyn Mosby, the Baltimore State’s Attorney at the center of the Freddie Gray case, made an announcement Wednesday that the final grouping officers connected to the matter were let off. It was revealed Thursday that five of the six officers have filed a lawsuit against Ms. Mosby, citing a list allegations that her office made against […]

The city of Baltimore and the family of Freddie Gray was once more reminded that justice might never visit the police officers that were implicated in his death. After news this morning that charges against the three remaining officers in the case were dropped, Twitter reacted swiftly as expected.

Prosecutors overseeing the Freddie Gray case have just announced that charges faced by three remaining officers in the case have been dropped. As it stands, all six Baltimore Police Department officers connected to the death of the Black 25-year-old city resident have all dodged charges.

Welp. In yet another surprise in the Freddie Gray case. The third, and highest-ranked officer involved in the death of the Baltimore man was found not guilty on all counts Monday morning.

We’ve heard this type of news time and time again, and it is still just as maddeningly disgusting. Another Baltimore cop, Caesar R. Goodson Jr., who was indicted for the murder of Freddie Gray, who died after injuries sustained while in police custody, was acquitted of all charges. 

Is this what Donald Trump means about making Amerikkka great again? Baltimore officer Edward Nero was found not guilty on all charges in the death of Freddie Gray. 


The sad thing here is too many of us won’t be surprised. Today (Dec. 16), a mistrial was called in the case of Officer William Porter in the death of Baltimore native Freddie Gray, whose murder by police led to rioting in the city. 

There’s a certain lack of empathy—or flat out racism—routinely displayed by the mainstream media when it comes to the portrayal of Black people. Case in point, Freddie Gray, the man murdered at the hands of Baltimore cops, was described as “the son of an illiterate heroin addict.”

KRS-One is one of Hip-Hop’s living legends and still very much a capable artist in his own right. The South Bronx Blastmaster was a guest on CNN‘s “Get Political” series where he discussed police brutality, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and much more.