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We’ve heard this type of news time and time again, and it is still just as maddeningly disgusting. Another Baltimore cop, Caesar R. Goodson Jr., who was indicted for the murder of Freddie Gray, who died after injuries sustained while in police custody, was acquitted of all charges. 

Reports the New York Times:

The Baltimore police officer who drove the van in which Freddie Gray sustained a fatal spinal injury was acquitted on Thursday of second-degree murder and six lesser charges, leaving prosecutors still without a conviction after three high-profile trials in a case that has shaken this city.

In his ruling, Judge Barry G. Williams rejected the prosecution’s claim that the officer, Caesar R. Goodson Jr., had given Mr. Gray a “rough ride” in the van, intentionally putting him at risk for an injury by taking a wide turn while Mr. Gray was not secured with a seatbelt.

“The court finds there is insufficient evidence that the defendant gave or intended to give Mr. Gray a rough ride,” Judge Williams, said, adding that there had not been “evidence presented at this trial that the defendant intended for any crime to happen.”

Officer William G. Porter and Officer Edward M. Nero were all previously tried without convictions, with the latter also choosing to have his fate decided by a judge rather than a jury.

Either the prosecution is incompetent, or the justice system is rigged.

We’re going to go with the latter.

So, considering his death was ruled a homicide, WHO killed Freddie Gray? See some Twitter reactions to the latest jig below and on the following pages.

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