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KRS-One is one of Hip-Hop’s living legends and still very much a capable artist in his own right. The South Bronx Blastmaster was a guest on CNN‘s “Get Political” series where he discussed police brutality, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and much more.

The clip opens up with KRS-One illustrating a point that the deaths of Martin and Gray snuffed out their potential for greatness, and with a nickname like “The Teacha,” the lesson got especially deep.

“Trayvon Martin was your cure for cancer,” bellowed the man born Lawrence Parker. “Freddie Gray was about to come up with something for planes that when they crash, they never exploded and everybody lives. Had he had a chance to work himself out, he might have come to this conclusion.”

KRS then delves into how the crack epidemic of the 80’s came about, just around the same time his career began around 30 years ago. The celebrated rapper also speaks on police brutality and also what he calls the lack of law and order in the United States.

The appearance on CNN comes just as KRS-One has released his 12th solo studio recording, Now Hear This. The album was produced by his son, Kris Parker, better known as Predator Prime. The album’s first single, “Drugs Won” dropped earlier this month.

Check out KRS-One’s appearance on CNN’s Get Political series in the clip below. Hit the jump to check out the “Drugs Won” single.

Photo: screen cap/CNN

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