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There’s a certain lack of empathy—or flat out racism—routinely displayed by the mainstream media when it comes to the portrayal of Black people. Case in point, Freddie Gray, the man murdered at the hands of Baltimore cops, was described as “the son of an illiterate heroin addict.”

It was CNN that described Mr. Gray, who died of injuries sustained after a wrongful arrest, in such a callous manner. This is where we point that Gray’s mother being a drug addict (who attempted suicide in October) has nothing to do with the treatment he received at the hands of police officers that led to his demise due to a spinal chord injury.

The first trial of one of the six officers being charged in Gray’s death began today. It’s this type of attitude that makes Black people question if the justice system is truly blind (history has shown the answer to that is “nope”).

Let’s keep in mind that the white daughter of a DEA agent who is allegedly a drug kingpin was described as “adorable.” Freddie Gray was arrest for possessing a knife that actually wasn’t illegal. The DEA’s daughter was selling cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy.

But we’re being sensitive, right? Nah, #StayWoke.

Photo: Gray Family